About me


Me and my littlest monster!

I’m a married stay at home Mum to four boys. I love my ‘job’ and adore my kids but it isn’t the only thing that defines me. So I thought I would start a blog and post about my life warts and all.

I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and GoodReads if you want to join me …

In a nutshell my boys are 18,15,11 and 7 and hard work. I’m 40 and panicking slightly that as I don’t have a career my life is passing me by all too quickly. I don’t want to get to 70 and feel I have achieved nothing. So I have written a book and although I have yet to send it to any agents I have discovered a passion for writing, hence this blog.

I have been inspired by a dear friend’s blog, I see her frustrations with life ease with every word she types and I hope the same will happen to me. I also love her honesty.

Sometimes I am prone to bouts of depression and panic attacks that I struggle to control. It doesn’t help that I look at other people’s lives and fear that my own will never look good in comparison. In saner moments I realise how silly that is, everyone has their problems but a quick look on Facebook often does nothing to allay my fears. Almost all of the statuses on my news feed are happy shiny perfect moments. I have those too, but I wanted to be searingly honest on here. If nothing else I hope to let at least one person know that it is ok to screw up, we all make mistakes and no one is perfect.

If all that sounds too deep, don’t worry, I love to make people laugh and I am the sort of person that stupid things happen too on an alarmingly regular basis (!) my husband calls me Frank Spencer …. If you see a woman in Gloucester with her skirt caught in her knickers or loo paper stuck to her shoe it will be me!

I hope to blog firstly about being a stay at home Mum, but also about my weight struggles. I’ve been a size 22 and a size 12 and everywhere in between and lets face it if I’m busy typing about food then I’m not busy eating it ……

I suffer terribly with chronic IBS and have had every test under the sun, as yet no cure but I live in hope! As I don’t work and my husband is on a low income we live on a budget and so I will write about my obsession with sales, bargains and eBay. On the flip side I’m passionate about dresses, particularly in the 50’s and 40’s style and if I find one in the sale then I’m a happy girl, my credit card not so much.

I also love champagne, cocktails and a glass of wine or three

Please read on and hopefully enjoy my posts. I love making new friends so please do comment, I would love to hear from you!


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